Did you travel as a child or teenager? Did it change your life? I want to hear about it!


This is a hub for young travelers to share their stories and help others make the leap to international travel. It is one thing for me to hop on and write about what I’ve been writing about for years, but it has another, more powerful impact if the blog is filled with the voices of today’s young travelers.


This is where you come in. I am looking for blog posts (~500-700 words) from people who have had out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences before attending university. If this is you, here are some topics I am looking for:


  • Tell us the story of a moment that stretched your preconceived limits. Did you do something that scared you? Did you survive the fright?

  •  Tell us about your fundraising journey for a trip. What did you do to accomplish your travel goals that others can learn from?

  • Tell us the story of your dreams coming true. Please make sure to include a beginning, middle tension, and resolution as you pull us in.

  • A photo essay.

  • Trip video if it is informative: not looking for a montage of beautiful places, but instead the actual story of the adventure.  


And if you have another idea that doesn’t fit in these guidelines, pitch it to me!


I will work with writers for a round of edits and feedback. The creators will still own all rights to the work and can pitch it elsewhere after it is published on the hub.